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Selling your home can be both emotional and exciting at the same time. When getting ready to list, sellers must remember to try to take their emotion out of the sale.  This can be extremely difficult sometimes, especially when selling a long-time family home.

Not every buyer that comes through is going to like your home and not every buyer will have positive feedback, but that’s okay. We can use buyer feedback as a constructive criticism tool to improve the condition of your home, in relation to others on the market. Maybe it’s priced too high, maybe it needs a fresh coat of paint or needs to be de-cluttered. 

A few small upgrades can go a long way in reducing your time on the market –  and maximizing sale price. Successfully attaining these two goals makes for a happy seller! 

Here are a few low cost ways to add appeal before selling:

Starting with the most fun: POWER WASHING! What’s better than a Saturday afternoon spent power washing everything in sight? Siding, walkways, decks, the neighbourhood kid who is always dirty, etc.

  • Trim hedges and bushes so they look neat and don’t block windows. Add a planter or two with some seasonal flowers or maybe a nice wreath in the winter.
  • Exterior doors are typically the first thing a buyer sees when looking at your home. Check the door hardware to ensure it’s not chipped or worn. 
  • Touch up paint, both inside and outside. Warm, neutral colours are recommended. A fresh coat of trim paint goes a long way as well. 
  • Edge around walkways and driveways 
  • Keep appliances neat and tidy, you’d be surprised how many buyers look in the fridge!
  • Hide wires around your TV and computers. 
  • Steam clean carpets before listing.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. If you are thinking about selling your home in Brantford & surrounding area, give me a call and i’ll be able to give you more tips. I am happy to stop by your place as well and we can chat about the best route to take and items to compete. Just call or text me any time!

I have a network of contractors, home stagers and other local professionals in Brantford, so if you’re serious about maximizing your home’s value, let’s chat!

Please feel free to share this with someone that might be selling.

Alex Grinton – Brantford Real Estate Agent. Cell: 519-761-2417