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Selling Your Home in A Post COVID-19 Market

Date: May 2020

The process of selling your home is already a stressful experience, without the addition of a global pandemic. With the COVID-19 factor now in the mix, this can certainly add a new level of stress and uncertainty. For the foreseeable future, the ‘old’ way of buying and selling real estate just is not feasible. Gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, wipes, social distancing & consent forms are now the new normal for showings.

The number one priority is the health and safety of clients and real estate agents during this pandemic. Here are a few things to consider as your list your home and adjust to this “new normal”

Clean and Disinfect – It is standard practice for a selling homeowner to present a clean house; today it is even more important that the home is cleaned and disinfected before each showing. Ensure door handles, light switches, counters, cabinet knobs and other high-touch surfaces are targeted. Once a showing is complete, the home should be cleaned and disinfected again.

Wear PPE – The listing REALTOR® and their clients should follow provincial guidance and wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, where social distancing is not possible. This will frequently be the case in a home and REALTORS® should have PPE available for their own use and that of clients.

Entering The Home – Under no circumstances should a buyer ever enter a home without being accompanied by their real estate agent. In the instance of a showing, the buyer’s representative will accompany their client into the property following physical distancing and PPE standards. The Listing Agent and seller should come up with a plan to make informed decisions on how to protect the interests of you, as the Seller. Homeowners should not be present during the showing.

Limit Time in the House – It’s not you, it’s COVID. It’s recommended that agents and clients reduce contact and limit time in the home together. Believe me, i’d love to spend more time with my clients, but currently, we must reduce time and use technology for document signing when needed.

Turn on Lights & Open Doors – This is a big one! In order to reduce the amount of items that buyer’s touch in your home, turn on all lights, open doors & closets, etc. Typically we request a buyer turn off all lights after a showing, but it’s now something we request of the seller so viewings can be completed without having to touch these surfaces.

Improve Ventilation – Consider options to improve ventilation in a home when completing showings by opening windows.

Digital Documents – In normal times, I like to leave brochures, listing information, etc at the property for the convenience of the buyer. But now these are going to be done digitally. Either emailed prior to a showing, or accessed through a QR Code, website link or other electronic means. Contracts and paperwork are all done via DocuSign, a digital signature platform.

Space out Showings – Sometimes, several overlapping showings were booked. This is no longer the case. Each showing now gets a specific time-slot and won’t be overlapping with another appointment. Unfortunately, this increases the time that the Seller should stay out of the home, but it’s necessary.

These are just a few suggestions on how to protect those involved with the real estate transaction.

These are important considerations you should consider and ask your Brantford real estate agent if you’re selling your home. Click here if you want to learn how real estate advertising is changing in the post-COVID world.

As always, i’m available at 519-761-2417 if you have any questions about real estate in Brantford and Brant County

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